Saturday, October 5, 2013

7venth Sun Mangrove DIPA

Although there isn't a cool fishy label, I've got to include a beer named after one of my favorite habitats to fish, because after a day beating the shorelines for snook and untangling flies from branches, you might appreciate this one's mighty 10% ABV.

7venth Sun is a local craft brewery that specializes in small-batch barrel-aged beers, and I recently had a chance to try its Mangrove Double IPA at Olde Bay Cafe and Fish Market, which is located right down the street from the brewery, in Dunedin, Florida. The beer itself is one of the most tasty I've ever had. I'm not exactly a beer geek who knows all the correct terms to describe its flavor profile, but I will say that after finishing one and then taking a sip of Miller Lite from the community pitcher, it made the mass-produced beer taste like fizzy toilet water by comparison.

7venth Sun beers may not be too widely available, but if anyone out there is in the Tampa Bay area and has the chance to try one, I'd highly recommend it.

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